Gil Horsky hails DouxMatok “game changing” sugar technology

Gil Horsky discusses DouxMatok’s patented sugar reduction solution, which can reduce up to 40% of the sugar content in their products without compromizing on taste. 

DouxMatok, developer of targeted flavor delivery technologies, has announced $8.1M in funding to commercialize its patented sugar reduction solution by the end of 2018. Tests conducted by Food & Beverage multinationals have confirmed that, when using DouxMatok sugars, which taste sweeter they can reduce up to 40% of the sugar content in their products while retaining the same taste profile.

This breakthrough has been described as “game changing” by Horksy,  an Executive in the Food Industry and Global Innovation Platform Lead at Mondelēz.

Horsky speaking at the Food Vision Conference

Commenting, Horsky said, ”The obesity and diabetes epidemics and their broader societal consequences are shifting the way consumers and policy-makers are thinking about food. They are expecting food companies to be part of the solution, by reducing the amount of sugar in their products.”

Horsky further described, “DouxMatok enables food manufacturers for the first time to provide their consumers with the exact same taste they know and love, but with significantly lower sugar content – that is game changing for the industry.”

Article also published in Globes and Ag Funder News

About Gil Horsky

Gil Horsky is a Global Innovation Platform lead at Mondelēz International, the world’s biggest snacking company. His passion is growing brands and creating innovative products that will delight consumers around the globe. Throughout his career, Horsky has had the privilege to work on some of the most iconic global brands: Milka, Cadbury, Toblerone, Pepsi, Quaker Oats & Tropicana