Gil Horsky “Chocolate Gifting Expert” is Sharing Thoughts on ‘Just-Right’ Gift Ideas

With the holiday season just around the corner we will all be hoping that our gift choices for our nearest and dearest are right on point.

Gil Horsky is a chocolate gifting innovator and as part of his work he has developed and launched chocolate gifts through the globe, and got an understanding on how Gifters can successfully choose the “Just-right” gift for their loved ones. He believes that we should be considering gifts which combine elements of personalization along with a premium quality or experience.

For defining the perfect gift, Gil notes the importance of factoring in both personalization and premiumization for those most special to us and the basic principles can be summarized as such:

Personalized gifts:

Personalization involves adapting products to make them more tailored to individuals
Personalized gifts show a uniqueness to the relationship between giver and receiver
To be personalized, products may be customized to fit one person’s needs
Personalization is more than just a name on a product and offers the sentiment behind it
Premium gifts:

Premium gifts bridge the gap between mainstream and luxury products
The packaging has to be well designed to demonstrate quality of the gift within
Can offer individuality through novelty
Are more artisan and express great attention to detailAlong with the above, “just-right” gifts combine several factors to create a near perfect formula for gifting. “Just-right” gifts consider the occasion but more importantly the relationship between the giver and receiver and the experiences and memories they share.
Working with this concept and the factors for premium and personal gifts, Gil rounds up five top gift suggestions. The below may not be gifts you have considered and are great examples of unique products that can be personalized or offer premium experiences.

Orée Stylograph

The Orée Artisans Stylograph is a completely original package which marries together the traditional practices of writing and smartphone technology. While the artisan notepad is expertly crafted from thick, mineral stone paper, it is also delicately smooth yet tear resistant. Accompanied with a pure copper-plated ballpoint pen, the two work together to create an almost seamless experience for both writing and drawing.

How this gift really excels itself though is that all projects penned in the Orée can be fully synced to smartphones. Once synced across, these writings, sketches or creations can then be edited through the Orée app, allowing a wealth of edits but also ensuring work can easily be shared online with no loss of quality and is the essence of premiumization.

Edgerton Pink Gin

Gifting spirits may not seem to make the most original gift, but there are several, premium distilled, beverages which distinguish themselves through a range of stellar ingredients. One such product is Edgerton Pink Gin.

Having already scooped a wealth of awards from industry experts in the UK, this innovatively designed gin is made from a range of 15 botanicals to add a signature flavor while fresh pomegranate gives the distinct pink hue. As mentioned, personalization is beyond simply adding a name to a product; it’s the principle of offering a unique, off the shelf gift. For the cosmopolitan spirit drinker, this gift is a must have.

Green & Black’s Bar Gift-Box

Ever a popular gift, chocolate is loved by people all over the world. The Green & Blacks personalized ‘bar gift-box’ offers loved ones a selection of high quality, ethically sourced chocolate with the option to add a personalized twist. In addition to adding a name to the bar, the gift can be escribed with a title and personal message to add more in-depth sentiment. Regardless of the occasion, all eight flavored bars can be tailored to say something special.

Ilinka Collection

“When you can’t get precisely what you want, you invent it for yourself.” This is the mantra that the Ilinka Collection is based upon and is reflected in the final product. The bed linen and towel sets offer a fresh approach to classic necessities. Not only do Ilinka pride themselves on superbly finished products, but also on personalized designs featuring a broad palette of color accents, special sizes and monogramming – adding extra value to house-proud friends and family.

La Maison Maille

In many ways, artisanal French food products sell themselves as their historic and cultural connotations that sets them apart from other cuisine. La Maison Maille has been striving for new and incredible flavors for more than 267 years. Its longevity is defined by its continuous quest for quality and perfection.