Blogs that inspire Gil Horsky include Seth Godin’s blog and Malcolm Gladwell’s blog.

• Marketoonist blog:

Cartoonist Tom Fishburne launched Marketoonist to help large and small businesses such as Google, GE, Kronos, Motista, Rocketfuel, reach their audiences with cartoons.

• Seth Godin’s blog:

Seth Godin

Seth Godin’s blog offers key insights into current marketing trends and developments all backed up with Godin’s signature knowledge.

• The Brandgym blog:

The Brandgym blog offers detailed insight into the marketing world and investigates new trends and cutting-edge changes.

• Byron Sharp’s blog:

This blog deals with the science of marketing and intertwines current trends and practices with the academic elements of marketing.

• Dan Ariely’s blog:

Dealing in behavioural economics, Dan Ariely’s blog offers an insight into a plethora of behaviours, including email use and support for political candidates.

• Malcolm Gladwell’s blog:

An image of Malcolm Gladwell. Gil Horsky lists his inspirations.
Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell’s blog covers a range of ‘macro’ issues from a philosophical standpoint and provides a fascinating view into the author’s thought process.


Tim Calkins’s blog covers branding in detail and keeps up to date on current topics and trends by adding a branding twist to them.

• Board of Innovation blog:

In-depth focuses on innovation and progress are the cornerstone of the BoI’s blog. Although not updated often, the blog consistently offers fascinating insights.

• 15inno blog:

Although it has now stopped posting for good, Stefan Lindegaard’s blog offers some great pieces on Corporate Transformation that are definitely worth reading.

• Shane O Leary blog:

Shane O Leary’s blog offers a frank, feisty view on marketing and advertising including insights on native advertising, digital marketing and budgets.