News websites and newsletters that inspire Gil Horsky include Contagious and Fast Co Exist.

• Contagious:

The Contagious blog offers insight into the world of advertising and creative outlooks.

• The Dieline:

The Dieline is a product-focused blog that highlights some of the most innovative designs in the packaging world.

Mashable icon. Welcome to Gil Horsky's personal website.
Mashable is an influential site to me.

• Mashable:

Mashable is a well-read, very popular tech-focused news sight with an insightful newsletter that brings new thoughts to the table on a regular basis.

• Adweek:

Adweek is a well-known advertising publication that supplies general industry news alongside campaign highlights.

• Food Tech Connect:

Food Tech Connect places a focus on food technology news and innovations around the globe. Its newsletter is particularly informational.

• Fastcoexist

Fastcoexist details ‘macro’ issues, such as the refugee crisis, the US election and so on. The publication’s newsletter is always though-provoking.

• Innovation Management

Provides resources, articles  and inspiration on how to manage innovation in organizations of all shapes and sizes.

• Weekly Innovation update:

An image of Design Week's logo. Gil Horsky lists his inspirations.
Design Week inspires me

Innovation updates are regularly provided by WIU, which includes in-depth offerings on a variety of innovations spanning several sectors.

• Design Week:

Design Week places a focus on the world of design and it’s newsletter always offers interesting stories and events.