Gil Horsky’s Presentation in FoodVision

Gil Horsky spoke at FoodVision in London on March 2nd about the topic of “Small snack, big ask. What consumers want from the snacks sector”. Parts of Horsky’s presentation were covered and published by FoodNavigator with excerpts below from the FoodNavigator article:

Gil Horsky spoke of the different kinds of innovation that are set to shake up the category in the coming years. Horsky said “Before the food industry wasn’t big on tech, before it was consumer driven than pure research and development, but this is going to change”


According to Horsky “We’ll see more experts coming from other industries – such as biotech and pharma – to food. Some of these scientists are attached to the food industry because there is less regulation and a quicker time to market, you can simply move much faster”.

Horsky also spoke of snacking companies tapping into wider trends that lie outside the confectionary industry from mindfulness  to the desire for personalization (3D printed chocolate selfies).

“Every food category has one region or geography where the most innovative future trends show up first. In chocolate, it’s the Nordic and Scandinavian countries that are five years ahead. What shows up in Sweden shows up later in Europe. Track this for your category”